Welcome to Techlab

Techlab is a CERN IT project aiming at improving the efficiency of the computing architecture and making better utilisation of the processors available today.

Techlab systems are operated as evolving, test systems, on a best effort basis, and must not be used for production work or with sensitive data. Hosts are reinstalled on a regular basis and user data is permanently deleted at the end of each test slot.

Under some conditions and subject to availability, it may be possible to loan a Techlab system for longer periods, for example to pilot a build system on new platforms.

Core principles of Techlab:

  • Everything can be published - no NDA
  • Hardware is off-the-shelves - No development boards 
  • Hardware is periodically updated based community feedback and industry trends
  • Multiple vendors and platforms
  • No production service or guaranteed availability - This is a lab!


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